Project Transformation

Project Transformation (PT), now a national organization, was born right here in North Texas in 1998. Building partnerships between college-age young adults, children, and churches, one of PT’s goals is to address the achievement gap for children from low-income communities. Most kids will experience a “summer slide.” In middle-high income homes, children have limitless access […]

Change the World: Kids Against Hunger

During Change The World Weekend, Kids Against Hunger hosts a 3-day food packaging event in the gym at First United Methodist Church of Allen. Volunteers of all ages can help assemble packages of highly nutritious vitamin-fortified meals that will be sent to children in Honduras. We’ll have shifts available at the following times. You can […]

Change The World: Care Coordinators

A Change The World care coordinator serves as the point of contact for the family having work done to their home during the Change The World Weekend event May 18-20. Change The World Allen is needing a few more care coordinators volunteers to serve our community this year. A Care Coordinator is someone who is […]

Change 4 Change

  Beginning Sunday, March 25, you are challenged to bring your loose change to worship and drop it into the offering plate. All of your coin offerings–quarters, nickels, dimes, half dollars–donated during the 8:15am, 9:30am and 11:00am Sunday morning worship services will be allocated to support the many church activities related to missions. At last […]

Conference Mission Trip

Thank you for prayerfully considering this April 5-9 NTX Conference disaster recovery mission trip to the Rio Texas Conference region and greater Victoria, Texas. Those able to be part of the undertaking will come away awesomely blessed by what Christ does through and to you. Be praying for this trip, its team, and the many […]

Holiday Challenge Update

Change the World Allen offers children, teens, and adults the opportunity to pay if forward right here in our home community with different ways to serve others. To keep the spirit of CTW alive year round, our members and many of our friends participated in the Change the World Holiday Challenge. Through these efforts, we […]

Gulf Coast Mission Trip

Hurricane Harvey, a Category 4 hurricane, first struck the Texas Gulf Coast on the evening of Aug. 25, 2017. After coming ashore, the hurricane stalled and remained a Category 3 hurricane for 5 days before exiting back out into the Gulf of Mexico. Fourteen counties in the Rio Texas Conference were impacted. Primary damage of […]