Change the World Needs Care Coordinators

Change the World Allen needs Care Coordinators for families impacted by our home repair projects.

A Care Coordinator is the point of contact for the family having work done to their home. A Care Coordinator is someone who is friendly, caring, and a good listener. They have a heart for people and are willing to be helpful to those who have physical or emotional needs.

Can you volunteer to assist us with the following role and responsibilities of the Care Coordinator?

  • Make an initial contact with the family at a meeting scheduled by the CTW team and job “scopers.”  At this meeting, the Care Coordinator makes introductions and visits with the family.
  • On the scheduled workday, the Care Coordinator picks up the lunches at FUMC Allen for the team at the work site. They deliver the lunches and visit with the family. During this visit, the Care Coordinator completes a checklist to determine any needs of the family. This checklist will be discussed in detail at the coordinator training session (Date TBD)
  • Plan a follow-up visit with the family after the work has been done to check in with them.  Ask the family to fill out a short five-question survey.

If this sounds like something you can do to help change someone’s world, contact David Wuensch, 214.470.5599.