Christian Business Directory

Website BannerFUMC Allen is in the process of putting together a church resource that will serve as a beautiful welcome packet for our new members and a church business directory for our current families. The business directory will also be available online with a link to our website.

We are asking all our business leaders to pick up and return a form for inclusion in the directory. These forms can be found in the Sunday bulletin on July 5 and in the pew backs in the sanctuary through the summer. You can also access the form at this link. You can complete the form and drop it into the offering plate or return to the church office during regular office hours.

We want to include all our Christian businesses in this project so that our directory is a comprehensive as possible. If you are a business owner, a manager, a business professional, or an independent contractor, such as a hair stylist or a real estate consultant, please take a moment to fill out this form today.

Don’t miss your opportunity to have your business listed in our new Church Business Directory.