College Scholarships

ScholarshipsforCollege2015Attention High School Seniors and College Students!

College scholarship applications and recommendation forms are now available.

The First United Methodist Church offers several opportunities to earn financial assistance for full-time college and post-graduate students who are accepted into and attending an accredited institution of higher learning. Candidates that apply will be considered for all scholarships (Program, Endowment and Memorial) given by FUMC Allen. Just complete the specific Addenda in the application for each program to be considered. Scholarships are not limited to upcoming college freshman only. College upperclassmen and graduate students are also eligible.

Scholarship applications (and recommendation forms required for those already in college) are due April 13!

 2015 Scholarship Application

Recommendation Form

What’s new? Returning college students must obtain a recommendation. The new Recommendation Form is required for all candidates that have graduated high school in a prior year.  It is to be completed by a college ministry or church leader who is familiar with your involvement in ministry/church life while in college. Only one recommendation is required; however, you are permitted to submit more than one and are encouraged to do so.  At least one recommendation must be completed and returned by the deadline. It is to be returned directly to the First United Methodist Church by the one making the recommendation.

Additional information regarding the process and requirements can be found on the application and recommendation forms.  Good luck to you!

 2015 Scholarship Recommendation Form