Created By God

CreatedbyGodcHuman sexuality is one of God’s greatest gifts to people.

Created By God  is a program designed to communicate to fifth and sixth graders that we are a fantastic creation made by God.

The topics of human sexuality, values, and relationships are approached in a frank, honest, and Bible-based manner.

The Created by God Student Guide is a frank, comprehensive resource for tweens. It discusses the changes that are happening as tweens proceed through adolescence including likeness and differences of males and females and a step by step guide through puberty.

FUMC Allen’s Children’s Ministry is please to offer this program at FUMC Allen on Wednesday, January 14 (parents only), Friday, January 16, and Monday, January 19.

At the mandatory PARENTS ONLY meeting on Wednesday, January 14, from 6:30pm-7:00pm, we’ll discuss the curriculum and review the materials. Parents will have a time to ask any questions, and they will have time to write a letter to their child.

Friday, January 16, 4:00pm-6:00pm, is first session for the children. We will play some games and get to know each other.

On Monday, January 19, an Allen ISD school holiday, the children gather from 10:00am-5:00pm for a full day session where all topics will be discussed. Lunch will be provided.

At 5:00pm, parents return for the final session. At least on parent must attend this session.

Cost of the program is $45, which includes the program, a book, snacks, and Monday’s lunch. To register, click on the Event Registration link at the top of this site.