Adult Ministry

BibleStudyFourPeople1920x485From singles to seniors, FUMC Allen’s Adult Ministry plays a significant role in making disciples of Jesus Christ through Sunday school programs, long- and short-term Bible studies, DISCIPLE classes, specific topic seminars, small group fellowship, and building community relationships through specific missions of each class. Our adult Sunday school classes are one of the great strengths of our church. Bible studies and other weekly adult classes are a great way to make new friends, get connected in the church, grow spiritually, experience Christian fellowship, and learn more about the Bible.

All of our small groups at FUMC Allen have opportunities for fellowship, learning, outreach,  worship, and service.

  • Fellowship. Groups spend time each week talking with one another, seeing how everyone’s week went, and how each is doing. They also get together outside of Sunday morning, monthly or every other month for fellowship opportunities.
  • Learning. Groups gather to connect not only with one another, but with the scriptures and with God. This happens each week in every one of our Sunday morning groups.
  • Outreach. The groups at FUMC Allen are committed to reaching out regularly to invite new people and to care for the members of the group. This is a vital part of being a part of a caring small group.
  • Worship. In addition to attending worship each week, groups open and close with prayer, praying for group members and the concerns that they bring to the group.
  • Service. Groups are involved in reaching out to the community of Allen and into the world beyond, spreading the love of Jesus Christ by being the church in the world.