Sunday Morning Small Groups

First United Methodist Church of Allen’s Sunday morning life groups (a.k.a. Sunday school) are small groups of adults with similar interests, gathering together for fellowship, to learn more about the Bible and their faith, and to grow in that faith through sharing with one another.

Some class members might be brand new to this church, new to the Methodist church, or new to the Christian faith. Some may be further along in their faith journey. A Sunday school class is a great way to meet other people in the church and build lasting and meaningful relationships.

Sunday school classes are a great way to meet other people in the church and build lasting and meaningful relationships. We invite you to visit several classes as a guest. Join them each Sunday as they gather to laugh, share, and grow in their relationships with Jesus Christ. We are sure you’ll find the right class that fits your spiritual needs and unique personality. We have classes for young or old, married or single, parents with young ones or living in an empty nest at 8:15am, 9:30am, and 11:00am.

If you have any questions about any of these classes, contact Susan Hale, Adult Ministries, 972.727.8261, x103 g.


8:15am Classes


Ages 50+ Parlor

Adults who gather to study the bible and gain an understanding of scripture, apply it to daily life, and live this application out in the world.

9:30am Classes


Ages 40-60 Parlor

Married and single adults meet weekly to study God’s word and share His love. Most in this class have children in high school or older; however, all are welcome.

Ages of God

Ages 30-50 CLC206

Married and single adults on a journey through the Bible, searching for direction in life as they study together. They read the Bible to understand what it says, what it means, and how we should respond.

Bible 101

Ages 30-50 CLC203

Using a variety of studies, focusing on growing in their understanding of the Bible and the Christian faith, this group of couples focuses on issues faced in life and how the Bible relates to these issues.




Ages 40s-90s CLC209

This group of couples and singles varies its studies of the Bible to understand how the Bible speaks to issues such as relationships, family and other matters of daily life.

Golden Girls

Women Age 50+ Ministry Center Room 5

These women gather for fellowship, encouragement, and to study God’s word and its practical application for daily living as a woman in the world today.



Ages 30s-50s Children’s Wing W159

This group focuses on building relationships while enjoying Christian fellowship. Married and single adults study the Bible to find guidance and strength in dealing with life experiences while living faithfully within their families, their work, and their community.


Ages 50+ CLC207/211

This group of lively seniors grows in Christ through scripturally based studies that usually last from 6 to 12 weeks. They are active in fellowship and service on a regular basis.


Ages 25+ CLC208

While this class is made up of mostly parents of children from birth to 6th grade, all are welcome to join. This class uses a variety of studies in order to grow as Christians.

Women Unplugged

Ages 30-70 Ministry Center Room 1 

These women gather to unplug from their daily routines and the general busy-ness of life focus on God’s Word in the Bible and its practical application for daily living as a woman in the world today, while encouraging one another in their Christian journey.

11:00am Classes


Ages 30-50 CLC207/211

This lively group of married and single adults gathers for fellowship and Christian growth. Many have preschool to high school age children, though some have no children and some college and adult age children. Studies vary from books or parts of the Bible, to those that relate the Bible to various life issues.


Ages 50-80+Upper Room Chapel

This group of mostly retired adults enjoys fellowship as they discuss the Bible and the many aspects the Christian life. They study a variety of biblically related topics to help them grow in their Christian faith.


Adults of All Ages CLC208

Singles and couples have lively discussions about the Bible and living a life of faith, while supporting one another in the Christian life.

New Beginnings

Ages 50+ CLC209

This informal and lively class studies the Bible to relate it to life. Studies on a variety of topics usually last from 6 to 12 weeks. Many of the members of this class have adult children and grandchildren.

Tea and Thee

Women of All Ages CLC 203/Library

Scripture based studies and stimulating discussions to guide the ladies of the church as we grow in our Faith, all while enjoying a cup of tea! (Coffee acceptable).

Young Adults

18-24 CLC206

Bible study and fellowship for young adults. Come to connect to other young people in our congregation.