Service of Healing & Prayer

All healing is of God.   Healing is not magic.  God does not promise that we shall be spared suffering but does promise to be with us in our suffering.  Trusting that promise, we are enabled to recognize God’s sustaining presence in pain, sickness, injury and estrangement.   ALL that being said… this is not a laying on of hands or anointing with oil to HEAL as only God can heal.

But a healing service will use the anointing of oil to be that similar to the laying on of hands, or simple gesture of holding someone’s hand to show the power of touch, which plays a central role in the healings recorded in the New Testament.  Jesus often touched others – blessing children, washing feet, and healing injuries or disease.  Biblical precedent combines with our natural desire to reach out to persons in need in prompting us to touch gently and lovingly those who ask for healing prayers.  Such an act is a tangible expression of the presence of the healing Christ, working in and through those who minister in his name.

Anointing the forehead with oil is a sign act invoking the healing love of God.  The oil points beyond itself and those doing the anointing to the action of the Holy Spirit and the presence of the healing Christ, who is God’s Anointed One.