July Sermon Series: The Shack

Is it possible to heal from unbearable loss?

The powerful story of The Shack movie will connect with you—whether you are searching for faith or lost it somewhere along the way. And for everyone who is hurting and knows what it is like to lose someone, The Shack film offers a message of real-life hope.

Starting Sunday, July 2 , FUMC Allen is hosting a five-week sermon series using Scriptures and video clips from the film to help you trust God more completely, connect with Him in a deeper way and experience life-changing love and forgiveness even in the midst of pain.

On Sunday, July 2, we’ll hold a special screening of the film, “The Shack,” at 5:00pm in Base Camp, which is upstairs in the West Children’s Wing. Children’s Ministry will show the movie “Inside Out” for the children in the Youth Activity Center while adults and teens watch The Shack. The screening is free, and popcorn will be served.

Sunday, July 2
Where is God When I Need Him Most?
Rev. Todd Harris, preaching

Sunday, July 9
How Does God See Me?
Rev Todd Harris, preaching

Sunday, July 16
Trusting God’s Promise

Rev. Jessica Wright, preaching

Sunday, July 23
How Can I Know the Heart of the Father?
Rev. Todd Harris, preaching

Sunday, July 30
So You Just Let Him Get Away with It?
Rev. Todd Harris, preaching