July Sermon Series


The Laughing Jesus

Holy Humor: Laughter as Redemption

Holy Humor….  Laughter as Redemption

There are passages of scripture that undoubtedly lead us down the straight and narrow.  But so often we take the straight and narrow path so seriously we end up taking ourselves far too seriously.  We fail to see God’s Holy Humor as recorded in the scripture and fail to laugh at lane-brain characters, life and ourselves.  Laughter really is redeeming. It knocks us off our high horses and helps us see ourselves for all our quirks, warts, misgivings, and far from perfect lives.  “Agony and hilarity,” said Norman MacLean, “are both necessary for salvation.” We have the agony down to a science but often overlook the hilarity.
Over the next four weeks, we’ll investigate at least four humorous passages where some will see God’s sense of humor.  Maybe we’ll laugh with God and with each other.  Hopefully we’ll laugh at ourselves and see that there really is redemption in laughter.  In the end, God does get the last laugh and that’s the best news of all.  Ken Westby reminds us, “The Bible is full of irony, wit, double entendre, paradox, epigrams, incongruity, hyperbole, absurdity, verbal subtleties, indirection, clever turns of phrases, and pungency of speech. The Bible says God laughs (Ps 59:8) and we can be sure that the Son in his image did as well.“

July 6    Abraham, Sarah, and their son, Laughter Genesis 18:13
July 13  Jonah, a Fish, and a Determined God   Jonah 1
July 20  You’re Out of Your Mind…Peter’s Miraculous Return     Acts 12:14-16
July 27   You’ll Be Surprised Who’s In, The Parable of the Great Banquet and God’s Eternal Laugh  Luke 14:12-24