Lenten Sermon Series: John The Gospel of Light & Life

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John: The Gospel of Light & Life
Sundays, February 14-March 27, 2016
8:15am   9:30am   11:00am
FUMC Allen Sanctuary
Join us for a Lenten season of spiritual growth and renewal that could change your life. We invite you to worship each week as we explore the major themes of the gospel of John and use the weekly Going Deeper devotionals as you read the gospel of John yourself.
The Gospel of John is the most deeply spiritual of the four gospels. The writing is filled with rich images and profound truths. His words help us understand who Jesus is, but John notes that his aim in writing the gospel is that his readers will not only believe in Jesus Christ, but that they “might have life in his name.”
John’s writing also includes some of the loftiest and most loved verses in all the Bible:
The Word became flesh…
For God so loved the world…
You who are without sin cast the first stone…
I am the resurrection and the life…
I am the way, the truth and the life.
Rev. Todd Harris has based this sermon series on Rev. Adam Hamilton’s book, JOHN The Gospel of Light and Life.
Books can be purchased on Sunday, February 14, in the South entrance gathering area in between worship services. Or contact Susan Hale.
Sunday, February 14
The Gospel of John:  The Light and Life
John 1:1-5, 10-14, 16-18
Sunday, February 21
The Miraculous Signs of Jesus: What’s In The Water?
John 2: 1-12
Sunday, February 28
The Miraculous Signs of Jesus:  Healing of a Blind Man
John 9:1-11 (12-41)

Sunday, March 6
The “I Am” Sayings of Jesus
Exodus 3:13-14; John 8:56-58
Going Deeper Daily Devotions Week Four

Sunday, March 13
The Farewell Discourse
John 14:1-4, 16-17; 15:8-10, 17
Going Deeper Daily Devotionals Week Five

Sunday, March 20
Palm Sunday

Crucify Him!
John 19:14b-20

Sunday, March 27
I Have Seen the Lord: Eternal Life
John 19:41, 20:1, 11-16, 18

We are posting Going Deeper Daily Devotionals on this page each week.
They’ll also be distributed via email each Sunday during Lent, and posted daily on our FUMC Allen Facebook page.