New Unified Children’s Center

Building Priority 2: Create a secure and inviting area for children that appeals to young families

Children’s Gathering Space

Challenges:  Our current Children’s Center is located in 2 buildings and 2 floors.  This makes it difficult for multi-child families to navigate the facility for drop-off and pick-up.

Solution:  The new Children’s Center will unify all Children’s Ministry areas to the first floor in adjacent areas including the nursery and toddler spaces.

Children’s Gathering Space Carpet

Existing Hallway to New Children’s Space and Check-in Viewed from Labyrinth

Challenges:  Currently, with our children’s spaces scattered across our facility, security is difficult.  Different manual check-in methods are used to monitor children’s attendance.

Solution:  The new unified Children’s Center will provide computerized check-in for all children at a single location.  This will apply to all ages from infant through grade 6.  This access will be visible from and adjacent to the new Hospitality Atrium and the labyrinth.  The new unified Children’s Center fulfills the second Building Priority to provide a secure and inviting area for children that appeals to young families.

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