Prayer Walk

At FUMC Allen, we believe in the power of prayer. So we ask that you mark your calendars and make plans to participate in our upcoming prayer walk where we’ll pray for our church, our children, our community, our youth, our adults, and our staff. The walk will include five stations for specific prayer concerns:

Youth: Base Camp on the second floor of the Children’s Wing
Children: North Entrance
Hospitality: East side of the Labyrinth
Adult Ministry/Administration: South Entrance
Worship: The Narthex outside the sanctuary

You’ll be able to walk the stations at your own pace at any time from 8:15am-3:00pm. Each walker will be provided a guidebook for each station with scripture and sample prayers. A Postcard for Prayer will help you track your progress and at the end of your walk, you’ll return your postcard to the gym to receive a special pocket cross.