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As mere humans, we cannot begin to fathom how much God loves us! Yet many of us do not have the close relationship with Jesus Christ that we desire because we do not spend time studying God’s Word.

Bible study is necessary to grow in our discipleship, yet in our busy world, we are often not willing to make it a priority in our lives.  Luke 24:45 tells us that the Holy Spirit will open our minds so that we can gain greater understanding of the Scriptures and thus enable us to have a closer relationship with God and with one another.

“Disciple Bible Study is a passion of mine,” says Rev. Maxie Moore. “It changed my life from serving out of convenience and just doing the things that made me feel good into a desire to truly be a disciple of Jesus Christ!”

FUMC Allen’s Faith Academy is offering three Disciple Bible Study programs this fall.

Please prayerfully enrolling in a Disciple class this fall. You can register on line right now by clicking on the class name above!

If you have any questions contact Rev. Maxie Moore or Susan Hale.


Why Take Disciple Bible Study?

I was looking for some type of small group bible study and heard about this class while at church one Sunday. Had no idea what I was getting into but thought why not!

At first, I was a bit nervous thinking  “I don’t know as much as my classmates” –maybe I am in over my head! The others in class and the leaders were warm and welcoming. I was made to feel included and thoroughly enjoyed the “sharing” of different thoughts and ideas. I loved how we were each at different steps in our journey of faith and that is o.k.!

The daily time of reading allowed me to focus on each of the chapters and really delve into the scripture. The following class time helped me with parts I was struggling with to understand.

This class was a blessing and once again reminds me that God meets us where we are. Even though I knew the “stories” we were discussing, the words spoke to me exactly where I was with personal situations at the time.

I look forward to other small group studies and will continue to go to His Word for guidance. Thank you for the opportunity to grow in faith.

Blessing to you! Lori