Confirmation Sunday

OUR 2018 CONFIRMANDS (AND THEIR FAITH PARTNERS) Scott McLean Austin (Brandon Weber) Ryan Coon (Chris Usher) Eden Elledge (Ed Whipple) Adam Franklin Hale (Greg Freeman) Quinn Mallory Harper (Tiffany Stewart) Jordan Herring (Lindsey Robertson) Jacob Jershin (Chris Pirtle) Evan Jordan (Paul Coon) Mallory Nicole Kizer (Dana Allison) Carson James O’Conner (Rod Morehead) Christopher Tyler Pirtle […]

On Deck: FUMC’s New Sixth Grade Program

On Deck, FUMC Allen’s new sixth grade program kicks off on Sunday, August 24. Sixth graders!  Bring your swimsuits, beach towels, sunscreen and a not-white T-shirt to join the youth for the Battle of the Sahara at 5:30pm. Parents, your meeting begins at 6:00pm in the Upper Room Chapel. We’ll all be done at 7:00pm to head home […]