TLC Fall Care Packing Event

Save the date for Monday, September 25, and start gathering the goodies! That’s the day TOUCHING LIVES IN COLLEGE meets to build the first mailing of the school year for our FUMC Allen college students. On that date, parents and friends meet in BaseCamp (the upstairs children’s area) at 7:00pm to set up the tables, sort their gifts, and work in assembly line fashion to make packages ready for mailing.

On September 25, we’ll also start collecting note cards of encouragement that we will mail in November, before final exams. If you are able, please pick up one or two a $5 Starbucks or Subway gift card for us to include with the note.

TLC welcomes donations not only from parents but also from members and visitors who want to share encouragement to our young adults away from home preparing for midterms and finals. Our supporters are also welcome to join the group for the September 25 assembly.

If you are or know a parent of a college student who has not been included in the TLC email distribution list, please have them contact Holly Stephens.


It’s a new school year and we are purging and updating our TLC college student data base. Because many of our student’s have graduated and/or have embarked on new adventures, we are asking everyone to provide  your student’s college/university mailing address and current status for Fall 2017. As soon as you can, please CLICK HERE to update your son or daughter’s information. If you know a college student who should be included in the TLC email distribution list, please contact Holly Stephens or Susan Hale.