Advent Sermon Series: The Big Announcement

TheBigAnnouncementAnnouncements come in all sizes and shapes.  People wait for days on pins and needles for announcements regarding Apple products followed by camping outside stores make their purchases.  Awaiting the announcement and the products can be an emotional high – a mountain top experience.  Advent is a time of waiting for a BIG announcement.  It is an announcement that forever changed history and an announcement that has yet to change every human heart but will do so some day.  The announcement of Christ’s coming and his birth is a TRUE MOUNTAINTOP EXPERIENCE with eternal gifts unlike earthly treasures.

Leading up to the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT are several announcements of Biblical proportions that are meant to prepare our hearts and the world to once again receive Christ.  During Advent and Christmas, we will consider the announcements described in scripture and discover what they mean for everyday life.  The hope is that these stories will keep us focused on the main story and that as we give focus to spiritual matters our secular influences will not overshadow the real reason for Christmas.

Let us all accept a challenge to be in worship each and every Sunday in Advent, spending our week days pointing  others to God’s daily gifts in preparation for the BIG announcement.  May we as a church point to what the season is truly all about.

I am bringing you good news of great joy for all the people: to you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is the Messiah, the Lord.”

First Sunday of Advent: November 29, 2015
An Announcement about Our Future
Mark 13:32-37

Second Sunday of Advent: December 6, 2015
An Announcement from the Wilderness
Mark 1:1-8

Third Sunday of Advent: December 13, 2015
An Announcement from the Lord
Isaiah 61:1-11

Fourth Sunday of Advent: December 20, 2015
Vivaldi’s Gloria
8:15am & 9:30am
An Announcement to a Virgin
Luke 1:26-38

Christmas Eve: December 24, 2015
The BIG Announcement
Luke 2:1-20
Family Service 4:00pm
Traditional Service 6:00pm
Contemporary Service 8:00pm
Handbell Concert 10:30pm
Christmas Vigil with Communion 11:00pm