DARING Youth Choir

daring-logoThis year, DARING youth choir is presenting GODSPELL, a musical with a role for everyone!  If you sing, play an instrument, or want to be part of the crew, there’s a spot for you in DARING Youth Choir.

For a few years now, the DARING summer choir tour happened during the second week in June. Those dates for 2015 might be changed to the third week of June, with the group leaving on Monday, June 15 and returning on Saturday, June 20 with the homecoming concert on Saturday, June 20. The destination of our tour remains undetermined, but we hope to decide by September 14.

Why is this important? Several of our youth serve as counselors at Youth SEEK camp. We recently learned that  Youth SEEK camp at Bridgeport is June 9-13, 2015, leaving us with one day between the two events.  With this announcement and a change in choir tour dates, many of our youth can be involved in both activities.

WE NEED YOU! Youth orchestra and DARING rehearsals begin Sunday, September 7: 3:00pm-4:00pm for orchestra and 4:00pm-5:00pm for DARING youth choir.

Won’t you consider joining us for GODSPELL 2015?

Contact Rev. Rusty King, 972.727.8261.