Lent 2017

The season of Lent is about practicing disciplines that further align us with the will of God.These disciplines lead us to a deeper belief in Jesus Christ.Because Christians believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who died for our sins, we are born again in the kingdom of God.  To be truly born again leads us to desire Christ more and nothing else, thereby leading us to the practice of spiritual disciplines.Many Christians observe the season of Lent as a way to renew and revisit their spiritual disciplines.Lent begins and includes the 46 days leading up to Easter. Traditionally, we refer to it as The 40 Days of Lent because our Sundays have been long considered the day of resurrection, which is the reason we worship on Sundays.We invite you to join us in practicing and renewing your spiritual discipline by being in worship every Sunday unless you are sick or out-of-town and by participating in a Lenten study. We hope that you choose to participate in a study with a small group, and we have provided the following list of small groups that are hosting Lenten studies on Sunday mornings. New members are welcome at any time.


Sunday Lenten Studies

Meeting TimeClass NameTItle/AuthorLocation
9:30amBible 101 “Listen- Praying in a Noisy World”
Reuben Job
CLC 203
9:30amGolden Girls“The Way: Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus”
Adam Hamilton
Ministry Center Room 5
9:30amSeekers“Restored- Finding Redemption in Our Mess”
Tom Berlin
9:30amGenesis “Restored- Finding Redemption in Our Mess”
Tom Berlin
CLC 209
9:30amAgape “On the Road to the Cross”
Rob Burkhart
11:00amTea and Thee“Restored- Finding Redemption in Our Mess”
Tom Berlin
CLC 203 (Library)
11:00amCornerstone“How’s Your Soul?”
Judah Smith
CLC 207/211
11:00amJourney“Creed: What Christians Believe and Why”
Adam Hamilton
CLC 208

The Bishop’s Lenten Study

On February 27, Bishop Michael McKee announced Walking Together, a Lenten study designed to support the Zip Code Connection’s economic development initiatives.  Bishop McKee has asked United Methodists across North Texas to set aside five minutes each day during Lent to participate in this study. Each day’s devotion and prayer tells the story of life in North Texas from the perspective of our neighbors in South Dallas Fair Park and in Clarksville/Red River County.
As you hear their stories in Walking Together, Bishop McKee asks each of us to devote one hour of salary or wage each week during Lent to support our neighbors as they work to create new jobs and economic opportunity in their zip codes. For example, someone earning $20 per hour would be asked to contribute at least $20 per week for six weeks, or $120.

The North Texas Conference invites you to begin your Lenten journey by visiting walkingtogetherntc.org. There, you’ll find links to download a PDF of the study, opportunities to give, and daily devotional pages featuring videos of our neighbors telling their stories. (To access, simply click “daily devotional” at the top of the page.)

FUMC Allen Lenten Calendar

Sunday March 5
1st Sunday in Lent
Called to Bear Fruit
John 15:1-11
Sanctuary 8:15am 9:30am 11:00am

Half Truths: Everything Happens for a Reason
Deuteronomy 30:11-20 (NIV)
The Way Fellowship Hall 11am

Sunday, March 12
 2nd Sunday in Lent
What Does It Mean to Be Born Again? John 3:1-17
Sanctuary 8:15am 9:30am 11:00am

Half Truths
The Way Fellowship Hall 11am

Sunday March 19
3rd Sunday in Lent
Generosity:  Grounded in Gratitude Luke 7:11-19
Sanctuary 8:15am 9:30am 11:00am

Half Truths
The Way Fellowship Hall 11am

Sunday March 26
4th Sunday in Lent
Generosity:  Lived in Faith/Revealed in Prayer Luke 22:39-46 Psalm 143:10
Sanctuary 8:15am 9:30am 11:00am

Half Truths
The Way Fellowship Hall 11am

Sunday April 2
Ministry Sunday

5th Sunday in Lent

Generosity:  The Impact of Ministry Mark 2:1-12
Sanctuary 8:15am 9:30am 11:00am

Half Truths
The Way Fellowship Hall 11am

Saturday April 8
Lenten Concert
Schubert’s Mass in G
Soloists: Moira Greyland-Peat and Chris Mathews with String Quartet
Haydn’s Organ Concerto in C
Chris Brunt
Mozart’s Gloria in Excelsis-Twelfth Mass
Chancel Choir & Allen Symphony Chorus

Sunday April 9
Palm Sunday
More than a Parade”
Rev. Todd Harris, preaching
8:15am 9:30am 11:00am
Women In Missions Palm Sunday Bake Sale 9:00am-12:00pm