Lenten Prayer Service: Journey to the Cross with Jesus


Just as we carefully prepare for other big events in our personal lives, Lent invites us to make our hearts ready for remembering Jesus’ passion and death and for celebrating Jesus’ resurrection. To help you in preparing your heart for Easter, FUMC Allen  replace our regular Wednesday night prayer and communion worship service with a special time for contemplative worship in which we will Journey to the Cross with Jesus during Lent.

February 17-March 23
Upper Room Chapel

The practice of a forty-day preparation period began in the Christian church during the third and fourth centuries. The number forty carries biblical significance based on the forty years Israel spent in the wilderness and Jesus’ forty-day fast in the wilderness. The forty days of Lent begin on Ash Wednesday, February 10, and continue through Holy Week, not counting Sundays which are reserved for celebratory worship.

Lent is a time for intentional deepening of our spiritual lives and faith practice through sincere commitment to reading scriptures, spending time in prayer with God, for confession of sins and repentance, and for meditating upon the life of Jesus as he journeyed towards the cross. As such, Lent is generally a quiet, reflective, and somber season in our lives. Those who fast or “give up” something for Lent are generally encouraged to replace their mealtimes or that activity with prayer and focused time with God.

We encourage participants of this special worship service to enter and depart the service in silence so that we can maintain the reflective and introspective atmosphere for others. Our worship will include singing reflective tunes, silent prayer and meditation on scripture, and Holy Communion.