Your Church Leaders 2016


Your 2016 Administrative Council (first row, l to r) Debra Miller, Paul Chevrefils, Pamela Chevrefils, Masen Ragsdale, Jessi Randolph, Phyllis Eix, Lay Leader Kim White, Holly Stephens, Brock Fairchild, Henry Lessner, Mark Thouin, Admin Council Chair Scott Gallaway (back row, l to r) Kirk Baltzell, Jimmy Ward, Scott Webb, Dave Inman. Not Pictured: Tim Naramore, David Wuensch, Kimberly Arnold, Ted Bernhard, Chris Fecht, Carole Smithwick, Helen McMichael, Meagan Tucker, Charles Philipbar

Our congregation is blessed with a very talented and committed team of laity.  Our new Administrative Council went to work soon after the beginning of the New Year when they gathered for the annual Leadership Summit and Ad Council Orientation.  This year’s summit included a challenge to help write a new narrative in 2016 that reflects our congregation’s vision of embracing all generations in a life-changing Christian journey to change the world.

We begin the year not only with many activities on the calendar but also a clean slate where we can include in our story chapters of transformed lives, new followers of Jesus Christ, a deeper commitment to changing the world, and a congregation focused on moving even closer to Christ in our spiritual journey.

The Administrative Council looked closely at our Stepping Stones to the Future and at where we currently stand with building the church outlined in our Vision 2020.  The Ad Council also received a challenge to create committees and ministry teams that are intentional in prayer and devotion at the very beginning and conclusion of every meeting.  Committees were provided resources that included scripturally based devotions and prayers for each meeting.

At the conclusion of the Leadership Summit, participants received a clean slate on which they were asked to write what role they’d play in helping our church to write its 2016 story. Some of their commitments include …

  • Invite new people to church
  • Participate in the church’s hospitality ministry and lead others to do the same
  • Pray for our church
  • Be intentional in reaching unchurched families
  • Inspire others to follow Christ
  • Visit first-time guests

These are just a few of the efforts that were included on the clean slate.

How might you as a member of FUMC Allen help write our church’s story in 2016? How can God use you in your church to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world?

We will recognize our church leadership in worship on Sunday, January 31. Please include these volunteers in your prayers for our congregation as they lead us into the future.

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